I believe that most would agree that the reasons we need legal assistance is not always pleasant, however, when you're treated like family, it's merely solving problems at the dining room table with your brother and sister. I have needed Blaine and Kristi's help many times over the years, and regardless of the issue I'm treated with respect, loyalty, and professionalism. Together we have solved many problems, I have learned many letters of the law, cried, and been hugged as if I were family. Regardless of my needs, Blaine has come through for me and my family every time. The Doucet Law Firm is not only professional, but they have been so knowledgeable, trustworthy, prompt, and always followed through even other last minute requests. They continue to exceed every expectation that I've had. I will always be at home and safe with Blaine.

-Katy L.

Hi, My name is Billy G., looking back and describing my experience with " Doucet Law Firm" would probably take more of your time than you would want to spend reading it. So, long story short, for the reasons that I have had to use the law firm, has been extremely pleasurable, beneficial, and at times, depending on the issue at hand, fun and exciting. And yes, it sounds odd to say fun and exciting when we talk about attorneys, but it truly was. Between Kristy and Blaine, they have done more for me, without any hesitation or poor excuses, than any other firm has done for me before. They are both down to earth people, that understand where the common person comes from. Lastly, their loyalty, respectfulness, dedication, and understanding are over and beyond any expectations that you may expect.

-Billy G.